The Bargain Hunter by Gary R. Hoffman

     “Come on, Jim.  You can come up with a better price than $75 on that pallet of miscellaneous goods.”

            Jim Salley was one of the two Jewish brothers who inherited Leon Salley Wholesale Grocers.   “Well, you buy a lot.  How about $60?”

            “How about $30?”

            “What?  You’re killin’ me!  You want me to have another heart attack?”

            “Ok, 40 bucks.”

            “Done.”  He called to one of his men working the floor.  “Donnie, get that miscellaneous pallet by door #3.  Charge Roger here $40 for it.”

            “$40? He’s stealin’ it!”

            “Yeah, I know, but he Gentiled me down!”

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