Third Note – A Challange

Okay, folks, I’ve got a challange for you.

 Everyday I drive by a car repair shop and they always have several police cars, and ambulances in the lot that they are working on. This got me thinking about what kind of person might work at a place like that and what sort of opportunities he might have working on emergency vehicles like that. I’m too lazy to write a story, so I want all of you to.

 In less than 1,000 words, give me a story related to a car repair shop or mechanic who works on emergency vehicles. They don’t have to be crime stories, but they have to be good. I’ll post the ones I like and award arbitrary kudos accordingly.

Deadline is September 1, 2007

2 responses to “Third Note – A Challange

  1. Should we mind that the person judging us doesn’t even know how to spell “challenge”?

  2. Congrats, you just passed the super secret, double blind phase of the challenge by noting the spelling error.

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