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Third Note – A Challange

Okay, folks, I’ve got a challange for you.

¬†Everyday I drive by a car repair shop and they always have several police cars, and ambulances in the lot that they are working on. This got me thinking about what kind of person might work at a place like that and what sort of opportunities he might have working on emergency vehicles like that. I’m too lazy to write a story, so I want all of you to.

¬†In less than 1,000 words, give me a story related to a car repair shop or mechanic who works on emergency vehicles. They don’t have to be crime stories, but they have to be good. I’ll post the ones I like and award arbitrary kudos accordingly.

Deadline is September 1, 2007

Second Note

It occured to me (and was suggested by others) that it would be nice to have a quick little byline for each story so readers can peruse all of the writer’s other Internet offerings. So from now on if you would include a short bio on your stories, maybe even with a hyperlink to your blog or website, I’ll put it up with the story. If you’ve already submitted a story to the site and would like to have me post a link to the archived story I will add it. Thanks.

First Note

Apparently the default setting for WordPress is to moderate comments and I did not know that. I’ve freed all of the comments that were waiting and I think I got it straightened out so that won’t happen again. Thanks everyone for posting stories and commenting.